Welcome to Feminism Philly

Feminism (noun): the belief that both men and women should be equal politically, socially, and economically.*

Welcome to Feminism Philly, where we seek to inform the college community, in Philadelphia and beyond, about what feminism is and how it affects us all.

Here we welcome both feminists and those curious about the subject. We hope you use the resources here to inform yourself on feminism and the feminist perspective. Feminism is a topic that impacts all genders.fullsizerender-2

Things such as…

  • the gender wage gap
  • hetero-normative ideals
  • gender roles

affect each and every one of us- these ideas perpetuate a society in which we all have the potential to be negatively affected. Feminism can help us to understand these topics from a different perspective. This site hopes to start a conversation about feminism to inform the college community about what it is and how it can benefit us all.

We will be focusing on the perspective of college students in Philadelphia in regards to feminism through a variety of audio and video projects
highlighted throughout this site. We seek to inform and correct the misconceptions people may have about the topic, and enlighten the community with experiences their peers have had with feminism. Thank you for visiting!


*definition according to Merriam Webster Dictionary